Why Should Businesses Hire a Digital Marketing Manager?

The best digital marketing agency in Asia works within the communication and marketing department of a company. Its mission is to support management in the implementation of the brand’s digital strategy. The agency’s various objectives lead them to lead the follow-up and operational management of the various digital projects, whether on smartphone, tablet or computer. The marketing manager also handles digital social networks links within the company, as well as manages the entire brand, SEO, affiliation, and visibility aspects on the web.

What are the digital marketing manager’s duties?

Attached to the general direction or marketing of a company, the digital marketing manager aims to improve the visibility of the brand on the web. Its multiple tasks allow them to generate traffic, improve online sales, satisfy customers and deal with social networks/blogs. Their role is to design and animate brand communication on the web while respecting the company’s overall strategy and policy.


Before launching, the digital marketing manager defines a plan of action for the coming year, creating precise objectives such as the number of prospects acquired or a turnover to be achieved. It is responsible for defining both the objectives of the year, the resources required to implement the project, the communication channels to be developed and the external providers to be involved. Then comes the time for him or her to clearly define their strategy while respecting a budget allocated by the company. When the project is clearly defined, the digital marketing manager supervises and coordinates teams and organizes and pilots the task with a constant concern for innovation.

Understanding data

While typically a hired hand, the digital marketing executive often maintains control over multiple operational activities. Alone or in a team, he or she can look after the individuals who will be involved in the project: communication agencies, press, advertising agencies and so on… The digital marketing manager makes a major part of their decisions based on certain data. They are then able to ensure coordination between external service providers, internal teams, the sales department and general management. Through the measures of the audience, traffic studies and sales figures, the digital marketing manager is considered responsible for his or her actions. They play an essential role of coordination between the various employees of the project, whether internal or external to the company.

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