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The Well-being of Women

Women’s health care is a practice to look after a woman’s body general well-being. Reproductive issues that relate to sexuality, either inborn or developed, have been the most known factors that caused women’s health issues. Women’s health , as it has been discovered, is not only at risk due to reproductive factors, but also due to their environmental, cultural, monetary and biological life positions.

It is spot-on that the substance with the highest rating to majority of women’s health concerns is related to sexual health. This issue affects the body system and its proper functioning during pregnancy, childbirth and subsequent life stages, if not attended to. Health groups have been opened to purposely coach women and girls on health care. They offer platforms for them to ask questions, promote awareness and provide care and treatment for them. Other matters that are categorized under Reproductive Health include sexually transmitted disease, abortion, maternal health problems and female genital mutilation.

There has been better and more educative knowledge on the anatomy of the female body thus enabling existence of beneficial women’s health care. This acquired knowledge led to the introduction of medical attention and help that deals with pregnancy, birth and any other analysis of the internal workings of the human body For a woman’s body to be closely monitored and properly analysed during pregnancy for medical benefit, an obstetrics doctor has to be around as they are better equipped and informed on the child bearing process and aftermath. Various problems can be faced by different women beginning from the conception stage to the child bearing period. Extreme complications during these stages can lead to death if they are not detected earlier or handled in the right manner by an expert.

There was no policy that cared for the health of women in the early days, thus a movement was created to enforce the existence of certain measures to help women know of their health and bodies. The unfair system that favored men in all sectors was greatly questioned and fought against by the women so that they could atleast have their rights to health put into consideration. The US government made it their mission to provide working policies to be implemented in the women’s health sector, to benefit them and the country at large too, since women are the mothers of a nation. Women in the United States certainly have the best form of awareness of their body and have better policies determined to help them healthily than those around the world and especially those in the third world countries.

There is therefore a great importance for women to know more about their health and risks that are associated with women’s health.

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