Tips and Tricks From MonsterCloud LLC

Every business owner knows that they need to protect their assets if they plan to last very long in today’s business world. Having a good security solution in place is vital, but there are other things that can be done to prevent virus infections and hacker penetrations. Service providers such as MonsterCloud LLC offer a few tips and tricks that can be very helpful to companies in preventing these kinds of attacks from being successful.

Install antivirus on each terminal to provide protection when employees visit sites outside the network. There’s no telling what kind of sites employees are visiting on the internet. It’s important that each terminal has protection enabled so there won’t be any viruses or spyware making their way into the system from these sites. Disabling the ability to remove this protection is also important. Some employees might get frustrated that the software slows down their terminal and decide to disable or remove it altogether.

Firewalls on every network connection can prevent attacks from making their way past terminals into the servers. Each and every network connection must be protected. No matter how mundane the connection may seem, it can be a liability to leave it unprotected.

Teaching employees about security risks can be just as valuable as security software or firewalls. Every employee needs to know how their actions could put the entire company at risk. Holding seminars and adding alerts in the system can help teach employees better behavior for protecting the system and avoiding virus infections.

Passwords keep unauthorized users out of the system. Each employee should be made to update their password every few weeks to avoid them being cracked by hackers. Minimal requirements such as a number of characters or the addition of special symbols can help increase security.

Backups re vital to the integrity of the data stored on the system. Employee and company files should be stored on a special cloud drive that gets scanned often before being uploaded to the backup drive. This can help keep files up to date in case there’s an attack and prevent virus infections on the backup drive.

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